Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another FIONN update

Apparently FIONN isn't meant to be returned to the wild. Just a few days after her pin was removed she rebroke the wing. She had surgery again yesterday and is now wearing yet another support bandage for a couple weeks.

This time she has another pin in her wing but this one is buried and will not be removed. Because she doesn't have full extension of her wing she will be heading for CA as an educational bird when the weather gets better and her new mews are built to necessary dimensions. Her rare leucistic coloration will be a great enhancement to the Native Bird Connections roster of birds that Jenny takes around the state for many tens of thousands of people to see up close and personal.

Her attitude all along has been amazing and she's still missed few meals in the almost three months she's been here. I will miss seeing her bright face looking back at me but will follow her escapades in her new home.

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