Monday, January 28, 2013

And then there were three...

Well, four if you count MUNCHY sitting on top of the power pole in my yard. The top photo is JAWS, a Rough-legged Hawk found on the side of the road yesterday after being hit by a car while she was eating on a dead raccoon (ICK!). She was also being guarded by a wonderful highway patrol officer til I got there.

The the second photo is another roughie found just this morning as I was leaving my house to take JAWS in for xrays. MIKEY was also hit by a car as he was scarfing down on a rabbit. His xrays were so confusing because he was full of rabbit bones making it hard to figure out just what might be wrong with his right wing.

MUNCHY is a wild roughie who comes by every day for a snack. When one of my eagles doesn't clean up the rabbit I give them I toss the remains out in back. About 10 days ago I noticed a large hawk eating on it. Then every day I would see her so naturally I put out something for her to eat. Today when I got home from the vets she was again sitting on the power pole after eating the food I put out early this morning.

Oh yes, you have to count ORSON, the roughie in a previous post to make the total come out to four.

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