Sunday, December 25, 2011


Good and bad news. The bad is that FROSTY had been unable to stand for more than a short time, he couldn't keep down any solid food and was having difficulties breathing. Apparently the damage to him was also internal and resulted in all these problems. He died just a short time ago.

The good is that PRISCILLA has made great strides. Even tho her mercury levels are the highest they've seen at the state lab, she is eating and flying to the corner window perch. With her counts, the vets at the lab said she should be either in a coma or dead. Guess that horrible disposition has seen her through the hard times. I no longer have to cut up her fish and rats, she's doing all the ripping and tearing on her own. I think she's also improving on the temperament side too. At least all she now does is chatter at me when I arrive with her meals and not dash away to the other side of the mew.

As soon as I feel she'll be able to find food in a larger area she'll be put into the eagle flight barn to see just how her wings are doing now.


  1. What do you do to bring down the mercury levels?

  2. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be given to reduce mercury in birds. There is one product that had been tried but no proof it works. In the meantime she's doing well, flying and eating. I was hoping to put her into the large flight barn this weekend but woke up to about four inches of snow so may postpone that move for a couple days.