Wednesday, December 21, 2011

He's come to life!

At least this FROSTY has. This four year old male golden eagle was hit by a car down in Rawlins, WY. Not only was he struck by the vehicle, he was repeatedly run over afterwards. Thank goodness he was between the tires and didn't have the tires going over his body. Amazingly he doesn't have any broken bones. The bad thing is that he can't stand for more than a couple seconds. He has improved since he arrived last night so I have high hopes he will make a full recovery.

In this photo he's propped up against a rolled carpet to put his body in a more natural position.

I also want to thank two very special people. Travis and Ann work for the USFWS, he in Rawlins and she here in Cody. Travis drove the bird to Shoshoni where Ann met him for the transfer and subsequent drive to deliver him to me. Rawlins is a many hour drive from here and at this time of year it's iffy at best. Luckily the snow didn't fall until late evening so all got home okay.

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  1. I'm hoping for a success story with this bird. Sad about the young owl.