Monday, December 5, 2011

Third times a charm?????

Yes, this is the third eagle I've received since PRISCILLA came in on Thanksgiving day. This is SPARKY, an immature Golden Eagle I believe is a male. He was found walking near the road in the Oregon Basin oil field. They called me but by the time I got there he'd wandered about a half mile from the first sighting. It took a bit of following but I finally caught up with him.

The bad news, and this may be fatal, is the wound on each of his wrists. Because of where he was found there is a strong possibility that he has been electrocuted. And that spells disaster. Because electrocutions kill from within, in a few weeks the tips of both his wings may die and fall off. Of course I'll have my fingers crossed that these may be road rash and he'll fully recover.

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