Thursday, December 8, 2011

Broken baby

His name is SIMPSON. This baby Prairie Falcon came in this morning with a broken right wing. Bart Kroger, WGF biologist in Worland, found him in his yard unable to fly. He (the bird, not Bart) is also in a very starved condition weighing only 15 ounces. The x-rays taken this afternoon proved that his right wing radius/ulna are fractured but in a place that is very repairable. Because he is so very thin he won't have his surgery until next Wednesday so he can gain needed weight between now and then. He has a super attitude so should do well.

SAD NOTE: Baby SIMPSON made it through the surgery in fine shape but unfortunately died during recovery. He was about standing up when for some reason his body gave up. His spirit is with me, I still see him dancing on his toes when I put his food in the cage. That memory will brighten my thoughts for some time to come.

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  1. What a great bird! I have my fingers cross, that he will do well, and be another success.