Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Two more

Only this time both are birds I rarely see here. This is a white throated swift found in the Clark's Fork Canyon by a group of college students from Vermont studying the geology of the area. They saw him thrashing around near the cliff so gathered him up and made the drive to Cody. I rarely see these bird, they are awesome.

They feed only when they fly and live in huge flocks of hundreds. I don't know what's wrong with this little fellow, can't find anything broken. It is rather cold now and the temps dropped rather quickly. Perhaps it's just that he's chilled and will be okay when warmed up. Right now he's snuggled up to a heating pad in a small cage in my kitchen.

If he survives then I have to find a good place to release him, perhaps back where he was found but maybe there are swifts down at this lower altitude which would be better.

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