Thursday, September 22, 2016

Grant awarded

Yesterday I was visited by two people from Rocky Mountain Power. Rita Meyer is the VP - WY Cheyenne Office and Michael Morrissey is the Regional Business Manager from Casper. They were here to present IBR with a check in the amount of $2,500 as their annual donation.

I have been dealing with Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power since 1991 when they donated the poles for our first flight barn. Since then RMTN Power has donated more poles for the eagle barn, used their bucket trucks to replace the netting on the top of both barns and helped numerous times in replacing baby birds back in their nests. They also award a yearly grant to help in maintaining this facility.

We have the best power company in the world working here in Wyoming and especially the guys in Cody. They never hesitate in coming to my aid no matter the problem. Thanks to all of you.

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