Monday, September 19, 2016

Lawn service?

Nope, This is an owl that Nicole, in Red Lodge, found in her yard. She's gathered the bird up and is driving him down here this morning. It's obvious this GHO doesn't feel well so he'll go into the vet after I get home from delivering my eggs. Hopefully it's just a matter of being pretty hungry and nothing is seriously wrong.

UPDATE: I got a call from Nicole this morning (Monday) saying that she had a friend of a friend who was going from ND to Bozeman so took the owl with him. Unfortunately that means this very sick owl was going to spend at least three hours traveling to a raptor center in Bozeman instead of just a one hour drive here. I called and cancelled the vet appointment I'd already made and hope he makes the trip and survives to be released. Thanks to Nicole for calling me.

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