Friday, March 20, 2015

First day of Spring

And this is the first day of the rest of their lives. Today, with the help of Chuck Preston and Nathan Horton, my two baby Golden Eagles flew free. Chuck found the perfect place near Oregon Basin. The two men carried the heavy crates to a large flat rock as a takeoff point.

DEUX was the first to make a break for freedom and wasted no time heading for a higher hill.

This is JANUS, he came in with a broken wing that had partially healed by the time he'd been found over in Buffalo. As the fracture was in excellent alignment, no surgery was needed, just a support bandage for a couple weeks. He was the second into the air and immediately headed for the top of the same hill.

This photo shows both birds on the hill but DEUX landed lower. I could just imagine her saying "crap, now I have to climb the hill". She did and the last photo shows them together looking off to the east and wide open skies. They both left this temporary perch and flew out of sight in a matter of moments. There is a prairie dog town nearby so they shouldn't want for a meal.

Even tho they both came from Buffalo they aren't siblings so I hope they will stay together and perhaps become a bonded pair.

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