Monday, March 2, 2015

Dark chocolate

Her name is DOVE (my favorite brand of dark chocolate). She's an adult female Golden Eagle, I think about 5-6 years old. She was found on the ground in the town of Casper only able to fly a few feet and not very high off the ground. Thanks to WGF personnel, Heather O'Brien, Cody Bish and Aaron Kerr, I didn't have to make that 3.5 hour drive, we met each other in Shoshoni.

I took her to Dr. Malcolm Blessing this morning for xrays as her right wing seemed a bit weak. She does have a partial dislocation of her right ulna at the elbow and a fracture of the radius. Those are the two bones between her wrist and elbow. Dr. Blessing did what he could to reduce the dislocation but only time will prove if it's enough for her to fly well enough for release.

She arrived in very good condition and ate a whole cavy the next morning. Today she's dining on a half a rabbit. As you can see from the photo, I caught her just as she was removing the hair. It's all over the ground and there's a big clump in her beak. I've no doubt she'll gain the two to three pounds she needs.

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