Monday, March 30, 2015

Wee screech owl

His eyes don't quite match but only weighing 5.4 ounces isn't much when hit by a large vehicle. He has a concussion and couldn't see a thing when first brought in. This is PIP who was found north of Powell alongside a road where some construction was being done. These teeny owls are nocturnal hunters so he was probably hit during the night.

The bad news is that the head trauma has caused blindness. The good news is that his vision appears to be coming back somewhat. He hasn't eaten a mouse on his own yet so I do have to cut one up and hand feed him. He's not thrilled with that procedure nor am I.

Hopefully he will regain his sight enough for release, only time will answer that question.

UPDATE: Last night he found his mouse and ate most of it. That means he has enough sight coming back that the future is looking brighter.

UPDATED UPDATE: PIP is now out in the front room. It's 8'x 12' with window ledges to sit on. That's just where I put him and that's where he was when I checked before bedtime. He has two walls of widows, seems he just wanted to sit there and look at the world passing by. He also ate his mouse and this morning was up on an overhead beam watching as I came in the mew. Looks better and better for him.

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