Monday, July 7, 2014

Six more mouths to feed

I got a call two days ago from a family in Douglas which is about a five hour drive from Cody. They had just bought a house was built in 1913 and had been empty for two years. When they went down to the basement they discovered a bunch of baby bats on the floor under the chimney opening.

Unfortunately the three story fall had been fatal for some but these six have survived for a week so far. The most amazing thing is that Sarah and Anthony have five children including four month old daughter, Olive, who is breast feeding. Instead of making up the bat food formula she just pumped her milk and fed that to them. They're were all still alive when I wrote this post.

As mentioned in a much earlier post, I did raise YODETTE until she suddenly died at five weeks old. Hopefully these babies will make it to be released.

UPDATE: I found two of the babies dead at their midnight feeding. Perhaps it was the change in diet, I'll never know, but the others seem to being doing just fine and getting the hang of sucking on a foam sponge for their milk.

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  1. I am always glad that you give it your best try with bats, even though they seem to be hard to keep alive. How funny that they were living on breast mild for a short time. Good for Olive! She must be a special person to think of helping the little bats.