Thursday, July 17, 2014

Didn't work

At least this time. Steve and John from Rocky Mountain Power met Dee and me at the nest site where I was going to foster one of the orphan osprey babies. We went through all the safety measures, I had to wear a safety harness and hard hat as did John, and away we sailed up into the blue sky.

Both parents were very upset to see this giant truck under their nest so constantly screamed at us. Little did we know, but was seen by those on the ground, the male was dive bombing us. He never made contact but was just a few feet from our heads.

The sad news is that my orphan is about two weeks older than the chick in the nest so s/he couldn't be put there. As s/he is older s/he would have garnered most of the food making it likely their chick wouldn't survive.

We are still holding out hope for another nest just west of town. That one also has one or two chicks but the deciding factor will again be their ages compared to mine. We'll keep trying until something works right.

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