Friday, July 18, 2014

Another golden moment

Yesterday was a very busy day what with trying to foster one of my osprey to a nest. As that failure was coming to a close I got a call from the Yellowstone Wildlife Center in Red Lodge. They had a call from a gentleman who said he'd seen a golden eagle on road 1AF just north of Clark.

I headed up that direction as soon as I got the osprey back in his pen and found the road right away. I drove the half mile in from the highway and got out to search. Heading back towards the east I walked about a quarter mile. Then went through the sage brush lining the road and walked west for about a half mile. Then back to the road and towards my truck without seeing any eagle.

Murphy's law, if I'd headed west first I would have just about tripped over the little fellow. He was about 20' from where I was parked.

His name is CARMEL and this years hatch. I can't see anything wrong with him, he can make the short flight from one corner to the other in his mew. And today he finished most of his rabbit altho he isn't starving. Perhaps the really hot weather had gotten him down. I'll place him in the flight barn as soon as I feel he is ready for larger quarters.

PS: My Nikon camera is sick so I'm back to using my small Casio so this photo isn't quite as sharp as I'd like.

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