Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Punk kid

His name is PUNK but he's not a kid. This is an extremely handsome adult male Kestrel in breeding colors. He seems to have hit a window last week and is now flying well enough to be returned to his mate. She's been flying around calling for him, wondering where in the world he's gone to. He's being returned to his territory tomorrow.

UPDATE: The release went just the way it should have. There were two kestrels at the site but just before opening PUNK's crate they flew off. He headed for the tip of a dead tree and sat there. Then he flew up to the top of a tall tree and was immediately joined by another kestrel. I have no idea if it is his mate, couldn't see the coloration on their backs due to the suns position.

Just before I left Ken's place one of them flew over to the transformer right next to the drive. Still was facing me so don't know if it was PUNK or not. I'll let the three of the little falcons figure out who's who.

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