Friday, April 4, 2014

A thin old man

This photo was taken today after I moved him out of the crate and into a 6'x 6' mew. He's doing so much better after only two days.

Yesterday I made yet another trip to Thermopolis to meet Pat Hnilicka of the USFWS. This time he brought me a Golden Eagle. The birds name is DEUCE and he's about as close to death as could be but still breathing. He only weighs 5.2 pounds which is about 3 pounds less than he should be.

I believe he's an electrocution, the most hideous thing to happen to such a magnificent raptor. DEUCE is, I belive, also very old, probably well into his teens. His right eye brow ridge is also damaged but the eye works. Even with all this against him he has spirit and so far so good.

I'm tubing him with lactated ringers and hand feeding him small pieces of venison steak. He's so pale and I wish I could give him a transfusion but that's not possible.

In the past weeks I've received way too many adult eagles who are starving. In some cases there doesn't seem to be a cause, in one he was hit by a vehicle and had internal injuries. And then there are the electrocutions, they account for two. DEUCE and I will put up a valiant fight and hope for an excellent outcome.

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