Friday, April 18, 2014

A wonderful day for all

First step to freedom. Loki, the human, opens the crate door for LOKI, the eagle.
First full wing beat.
He never looked back, just forward to his future as a wild and free bird.

Back on December 13th this beautiful almost two year old Bald Eagle arrived here with a broken left wing. Dr. Blessing inserted a pin into the ulna and then the wait began to see if the bone would repair itself and be strong enough for flight. The pin was removed on January 28th and after another two weeks he was put into the eagle flight barn.

It took him about six weeks to finally make it up to the high wall perch but after he found out it was possible he only came down to the ground for food.

Today he was set free at a perfect spot, on Joyce and Nic Patrick's place on the Southfork. With a mile of river front and a large bluff overlooking it, the site was all this eagle could have wished for. It was sunny, calm and beautiful in Cody when we started to drive the 22 miles to Patrick's. A half hour later it was gale force winds, trying to rain and cloudy.

The release went beautifully as you can see from the photos. Thanks to Dan Thiele, WGF, who drove LOKI over the mountain from Buffalo, Dr. Blessing for his usual excellent surgical work, Sara and Loki Sprung for assisting in the release and Joyce and Nic, their daughter, Becky and one grandchild as an enthusiastic cheering section and for volunteering their place as a release site.

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