Sunday, March 30, 2014


Not mine but from a friend in NY. Dr. John Eliot Parks of Cornell University received an adult male Golden Eagle from me a couple years ago. That bird, BURL, has been a challenge from day one. John planned on using him on his fist for educational work but the bird had other ideas. He refused to be tamed, wouldn't eat on his fist, wouldn't even sit on it. He pouted up a lot but on a recent Saturday, when John gathered him up for routine beak trimming, BURL decided to cooperate. After the exam he sat on John's fist for a few minutes. He did bate (jump off) but got up right away and again sat quietly.

Hopefully all the trying times are over altho I believe this beautiful eagle will always be a handful (pardon the pun) This is a selfie photo John took of the two of them in a calm time.

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