Tuesday, March 25, 2014

He did it ! ! ! !

Finally, LOKI figured out how to fly to the highest wall perch in the flight barn. He came here on December 13th from Buffalo. Thanks to Dan Thiele, WGF, who drove him over after rescuing him on the Buffalo Wetland Habitat Area. He was only 7.75 pounds at the time and had a broken ulna, the largest bone between his wrist and elbow.

Surgery was done on December 16th and after the pin was pulled out on January 28th of this year he was put in the eagle flight barn. He didn't waste much time practicing his flying and today made a huge break through. For a couple weeks he's been flying high enough to make it to the lower wall perch but never landed on it. Today he bypassed that goal and went for the big one.

Here he is proudly on the high wall perch which is about 20' from the ground. He seems a bit stunned to look down on me but now he will hopefully visit this place often. He is gaining strength in his flying and will one day be released.

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