Saturday, March 1, 2014

And another...

ISIS arrived yesterday afternoon thanks to Pat Hnilicka, USFWS biologist in Lander. He drove to between Riverton and Dubois, near Crowheart, when he got the call there was an adult bald eagle on the side of the road. He couldn't find anything broken but called me and said he'd drive her up to IBR. About four hours later he arrived here.

We've had some pretty bad snowfall the past few days but he made it down my road. I also can't find anything broken on this amazingly beautiful female except for one thing. ISIS appeared, yesterday, to be totally blind. She had also fallen into the nearby river and was soaking wet. Pat put her in a box on a jacket and with the heat pouring out in the truck cab she was almost dry by the time they arrived.

I had an appointment this morning to have her checked out with Dr. Blessing but unfortunately the wind, combined with all the snow, has my road impassable. I only got about 100' before the crusty drifts were too much. I tried shoveling but decided I would have to do the whole half mile to the county road. I'm now trying to find someone with a plow or front loader.

She seems as if she sees something this morning so perhaps her eyesight will improve. In the meantime it's more hand feeding altho at almost 13 pounds she's in excellent condition. Oh yes, the blue thing is a tail protector made out of a feed sack. It's to keep the tip of her white tail, well, white.

UPDATE: I never made it to the vet, snow is so deep and crusty I was only able to make it about 100' from my house. It's now been plowed so I can drive out but can't get to the vet until Monday. The really good news is that when I tossed a rat down in front of ISIS she bent down and looked at it. Hopefully this means she'll be back in her home territory in time for breeding.

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