Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thank you so much....

Every year it seems to get harder to find grant money to support any animal care facility. IBR is no exception but thank goodness one of our most supportive groups are the people of Rocky Mountain Power Foundation and PacifiCorp. I just received their grant for this year and it will be put to good use. They have been donating to the care and feeding of my birds for a couple decades. They also donated not only the power poles used in the construction of both the hawk and eagle flight barns, they also have been instrumental in helping put the netting on the roofs of those buildings when it was needed.

As shown in previous posts, the guys here in Cody are more than willing to bring one of their bucket trucks to the nest site of baby owls so they can be put back where they belong after falling to the ground. I am grateful to everyone in these wonderful organizations for continuing to give generously of their time, money and materials so Ironside Bird Rescue is able to help as many birds as we do.


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