Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another non-raptor

She showed up a couple days ago but only left foot prints in the snow. Then this afternoon I got a look at her. After setting a live trap I was unable to catch her. Luckily she ducked under some metal sheets on the ground and I was able to catch her in a net. Amazingly she wasn't too upset so I put her in a large cage where she could relax. I headed to town to get some kitten food and then left her alone to eat. She's very thin but seems otherwise to be okay.

Her name is FERAL FAWCETT and she appears to be about six weeks old. I assume she'd been dumped off on the highway not far behind my place. My volunteer, Sara, will be taking her as she already has a home, they will be on a plane heading for the Denver area this weekend. If she'd been a male his name would have been WILL FERAL. Paul has a great sense of humor and will give this beautiful young kitten a good home.

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