Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Yesterday I got in a baby Red-tailed Hawk who had been found alongside a road near Powell. He was very starved and suffering from a broken wing. The fracture is probably what caused the starvation because he was unable to hunt for food.

These photos are of the pellet, about the size of your thumb, he threw up during the night. Raptors do that to rid themselves of the stuff they can't digest, hair, feathers, bones, etc. You'll note that there is not one of those things in this one, it appears to be just grains, grass and perhaps the black things are bugs. Anything he thought was edible. The little bit of red on the one end is from the baby mice I fed him last night before he cast this pellet.

WILL went in to have his broken wing surgically repaired this morning but unfortunately the damage was too old and too extensive so he was euthanized. At least now he's not suffering and I'd like to think he's full of good food and soaring in the sky somewhere.

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