Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Injured youngster

Right after I got home from taking the golden eagle in the previous post to the vet I got another call about another eagle. I was told that it was a golden with a broken wing. Off to the George Farms I went and met six very nice young men who then took me to where they'd seen the bird.

By the time I got there it had turned into a coming two year old bald eagle who was not thrilled having someone coming towards him with a large net. He does have a broken humerus but at this point I'm not sure it will be fixable. The fracture is very near his shoulder joint, a tricky place to repair something. He goes in on Wednesday to see if surgery is possible and if his wing can be fixed. Fingers crossed everyone.

UPDATE: His surgery went pretty well but only time will tell if it's a success. He has a typical bald eagle temperament, feisty, that should help. I started his pain meds today and have him in my warm rodent room as it's only in the 20s right now. More updates later.

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