Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Couldn't save her

Today I got a call from a wildlife consultant in Laramie about a downed golden eagle near Lysite. That's through the canyon, take a left at Shoshone, another left at Moneta and through Lysite, about a 3.5 hour drive from here. This outstanding bird had been hit by a vehicle and couldn't fly. Luckily a person from ConocoPhillips saw her and called the consultants for their fields. Chad Olson from Haden-Wing Assoc. spent at least four hours trying to find someone to take her, finally calling me around noon.

I was fortunate in that Warden Jessica Beecham of WGF in Riverton was willing to make the almost 60 mile drive to pick her up and then another hour or so drive to meet me south of Meeteetse. The eagle wasn't doing well but I'd called ahead for an appointment at my vet so she could be seen right away.

Her injuries appeared to be only internal, no broken bones were found. She died in my arms just shortly after arriving at the Lifetime Small Animal Hospital in Cody. There was just too much damage done to her by a very large vehicle.

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