Sunday, July 21, 2013

You talking to me?????

His name is DIRTY HARRY, I think he's about five or six years old, and was found near a lake in the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area which is inside the Big Horn National Forest. He was on a private piece of land, deeded back in the 1880s, and is now an exclusive club.

HARRY was seen for a week in the same spot so they finally called the Sheridan office of the WG&F to come get him. As Garrett Point was on call this weekend and couldn't leave the area I ended up driving the three hours to their office to retrieve him. At this point I can see nothing wrong other than he's starving. And why that is I don't know because the lake has fish and he's old enough to be successful in catching them.

I will take him in for blood tests and any other test we can think of to do. Garrett did an awesome job taking care of him overnight, feeding him some cubed antelope steak from his own freezer and making sure he was protected. Now that Diane is retired I feel I'll be making more trips that direction in the future.

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