Saturday, May 18, 2013

Natural name

His name is FIDDLER because he was, are you ready for this, found on a roof....... Okay, I get a bit silly in naming my birds but it certainly fits his case. This one year old male bald eagle appears to be an imprint. Which means someone stole/found him as a tiny baby and kept him in captivity so he has no idea he's an eagle, he thinks he's a human. This is not a problem as he will be able to hunt and feed himself with training. The problem is that when breeding season comes around he won't be looking for a beautiful adult female to consort with, he'll be looking for a human. And that's dangerous.

At this point, because I do believe he truly is an imprint, he will be placed in an educational facility. He is a very handsome young male and will be a super addition to any program and facility.

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