Friday, May 17, 2013


After a long drive from Casper to Gillette then to Tensleep and on to Cody, this beautiful adult female Prairie Falcon is at rest. Well, sort of. Prairies are very high strung and she's no exception. There's nothing broken but she is very thin which is probably the reason she'd been caught by a domestic cat. The damage amounts to nine missing tail feathers, a couple missing primaries and some broken secondary feathers. We'll either imp in the missing ones or let her naturally molt them in. Unfortunately that will take until mid summer so imping may be the way to go so she'll be back in the wild sooner.

She's now eating a quail a day so will put back the needed weight and strength. I have no idea what caused her starvation, xrays show nothing wrong. At this point it's good food and condition training in her future.

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