Monday, April 8, 2013

Eagle stack

Sunday was a wonderful day here at IBR. The bird on the ground at the end of the log is ROXANNE, recovering from a broken wing and now flying about 20+ feet. She'll do much better as her missing wing feathers molt in. And beautiful FRANNIE, who had suffered severe lead poisoning is now flying back and forth in the 80' flight barn. She arrived unable to open her feet, stand or fly and went through intense chelation therapy to arrive at this point. FRANNIE is on the lower wall perch.

The top bird in this photo is AMAZING GRACE. She came in from my friend, rehabber Diane Morse in Gillette, for further rehabilitation. Diane had her in a 114' flight barn but she wouldn't fly more than a few feet and not but a few feet high. As you can see, she's gotten over her height phobia.

All three of these young females are just a year old and at this point I believe all three will be released this spring or summer. Don't you just love it when it works ! ! ! !

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