Monday, February 18, 2013

Jail time

I wanted to take a photo of this bird with his wings in a normal position so it required the closed door. Otherwise he would extend them to the sides as far as he could. This is COPPERFIELD (as in David, the magician who makes things disappear). I got a call about him last week but he had done just that, disappeared, by the time I drove the 20 miles to where he was seen. Then yesterday I got another call from the same person stating the hawk was back on the roadkill again.

It was really windy so each time I got close enough COPPERFIELD just opened his wings and floated off. Luckily he didn't go far, all I had to do was get through one fence to capture him. Rough-legged Hawks are pretty clueless about humans so it didn't take too much time or effort.

Xrays show that he has a couple fractured finger bones and altho he's probably been on the ground for some time they appear in good alignment. As they are so small it would be impossible to pin them so that's why he's incarcerated for the duration. They start their migration to above the Arctic Circle in March, hopefully he'll be ready by then.

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