Friday, October 5, 2012

More FIONN photos

Here are a couple more photos of my most amazing redtail, FIONN. She has settled in much better, is eating a whole rat a day and is able to stand up on a very low perch in her cage. I'll introduce a higher one in a couple days as I want to get the tip of her tail off the floor. As you can see, she only has a few colored feathers on her whole body. And isn't that head shot something else!

I'm very pleased with her progress in the few days she's been here. I had to tube her with fluids yesterday morning and feed her mouse parts but she apparently decided that was enough of that, I'll eat my meals on my own, thank you very much


  1. Wow she's gorgeous!! :) Good luck with her!

  2. What a stunning bird! I especially like the photo from the back, showing the few red feathers this red-tailed hawk has. Hopefully this unique bird will make a complete recovery.

  3. She is looking great, you're right she does have a "runway" look! :) We sure do miss seeing her out in the area, everyone is constantly asking about her and we always share the pictures. Thank you so much again!!