Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bandage is off

I wanted to get a photo of FIONN sitting on her perch with both wings folded but the minute I opened the door she stuck them out. As you can see, her right wing is a bit lower but the healing is coming along nicely. I'm sure it will feel much better not having it stuck to her side.

It's 13 days post surgery and she's doing so great. She eats a whole rat a day but doesn't seem to want to bathe. As most redtails turn their backs to the door about half the time to poop, I put paper on the floor below them. That's also the reason for the paper behind her as they love to aim for the corners which are the hardest to clean.

Every time I see her I am in awe of her beauty and the way she carries herself. I'm sure in a former life she was a member of a royal family, she's that regal and controlled.

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  1. AWESOME!! I am so glad to see Miss Fionn is doing well. She does look like royalty and is very photogenic! Thanks for the updates.