Monday, July 9, 2012

Can you see me now?

Baby Long-eared Owl, TIMBER, moved into new quarters today. I spent a few hours up on the mountain cutting down an evergreen tree (with permission from the BLM) and some branches to make her new 12'x 16' mew look more like the habitat she normally lives in. Look closely and you can see her up on top of her perch hiding behind one of the branches. The bottom shot shows the view of her perch from the doorway with the tree in the center of the space.

She is now almost six weeks old and needs to be flexing her flying muscles in preparation for release to the wild. It is a very hot day here and luckily some guys came to deliver wallboard so helped me get the heavy, awkward tree in place. It's sort of like that Christmas tree you cut down thinking "it'll fit in the room" and it ends up too tall. It worked and all that pine smell is wonderful.

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