Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fuzzy baby

I just received the first baby Great Horned Owl of the year and this one is hurting. I don't know if he fell out of the nest tree, I couldn't spot it in the huge evergreen he was hiding beneath. He has a very bad abrasion to the left side of his head and neck but there isn't an open wound. He only weighs 19 ounces and is probably just over two weeks old.

He does, however, know what a mouse is for and scarfed down three of them in quick order once I got him back from the vet and a sort of nest made. He also has a mirror hanging on the door so he can see another of his species. He's old enough to know he's an owl but I don't want to take any chances.

At this point he should make a complete recovery but the tissue around his left ear is also swollen so I don't know just how much damage has been done. When he gets old enough he'll join my foster GHO, SEEDY, in the flight area.

Oh yes, his name is vanGOGH

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  1. My best friend texted me the picture of this owl after she found it beneath her car! I remember you presenting to my senior Environmental Biology class (I won't say how many years ago, because I am in denial of my age) and told her to contact you - how I even remembered is beyond me. I live in Fargo, ND, now - so I am thrilled to have helped in some way to save this little owl!!