Sunday, May 20, 2012

Con te partiro

In Italian that means "Time to say goodbye". They say things come in three and in about that many months I've lost three dear friends. This morning my wonderful old school bird-foster dad Great Horned Owl, SEEDY, was killed. He's been with me for 20 years and altho both he and I have a responsibility in his death, most of the blame goes to me.

This morning I did what I've done dozens of times in 15 years, I put another GHO in the same flight area that SEEDY and SMIDGE live in. The only answer I can come up with is that because of the time of the year, testosterone levels were high. The new owl, JONESY, is a male as is SEEDY. Perhaps this time my old boy decided to let the newcomer know who was boss. Unfortunately the new owl is much younger and stronger and was able to use that to his advantage and overpower the older bird.

I, of course, feel such guilt at this happening and will regret it for a long time. I will also remember all the wonderful programs this amazing owl and I shared over these two decades. The above photo is our last educational program before he and I retired from doing them. He will be sadly missed forever.


  1. OH Susan! I am so so so sorry!!! I am pretty sure that Seedy came to my classroom of 3rd graders one or two times. (16 years or so ago) A sad day, in deed. I understand the guilt you will carry for a time, but you have placed other birds with Seedy for many years, so you would not have expected this outcome. Sometimes the unexpeded happens, so try not to kick yourself too hard.

  2. So very sorry to hear about Seedy Susan.