Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another eagle

So far this year over 50% of the birds arriving at IBR have been eagles and all but one are goldens. This is CORD, an adult male found on a ranch out the Northfork Hiway near Wapiti. When I first saw the bird I was so afraid it was yet another lead poisoning but that's not the case. I believe this bird may have not been paying attention and perhaps came down too hard when chasing a meal.

Nothing shows up as broken in either leg, pelvis or spine but his legs don't work very well and he can't stand up. I hope it's just bruising but for now he's as you see him in this photo. He's sitting on a deep pile of shredded newspaper inside a baby playpen. It's the best way to keep him upright yet not put all his weight on his legs. I'm having to hand feed him and he's started some physical therapy too.

At this time of the year the female is either on the nest or is about to lay eggs. As her mate is now here we have lost the breeding season but if I can get him back to his territory before late summer they can try again for next year.

Thanks to the Cody Enterprise for donating the paper and Nan Curtis and Y-Tex for letting me use their giant shredder.

NOTE: CORD died the morning of March 25th.

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