Sunday, April 24, 2016

First time ever

Yesterday was so exciting. Betsy and Steve called to say that there wasn't a third baby GHO in the nest and the adults were very upset. I had recovered the second one on Friday after it too fell from the nest.

We all decided to try something that's been done before but not by me. I took my extension ladder and a large wicker basket to the nest site. It was only about 25' up and in a good spot to reach with the ladder. With Steve holding the bottom I made the climb up and found out why the babies had fallen. It was a very old magpie nest, totally flat on top and leaning at an angle. So much so I don't see how the eggs stayed there for brooding.

I removed the old one and then wired the basket right next to the site. Betsy had gathered various sized sticks and twigs so the babies would have something to hold on to when in the nest. Then came the babies. I put both of them in the basket along with the remains of a baby rabbit that the adult had been feeding them.

This photo shows me hauling the nest wicker nest to the site. I got word this morning that an adult is in the new nest with the other one sitting in a nearby tree. So far so good.

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