Thursday, September 17, 2015

Handsome baby

In the past 11 days I've made three trips to Thermop to meet people with injured birds.The first two were sad, both the Swainson's Hawk and the GHO were so badly injured they couldn't be saved.

This time it's a very handsome male Red-tailed Hawk, JESSIE. He's pudgy fat, apparently learned his hunting lessons well. Unfortunately at some point he met something sharp, he has a cut in the skin near his right elbow. That's now bandaged, he's going in tomorrow morning to have it sutured closed.

As this seems to be the only thing wrong with him, he will be here until the wound heals and then released back to the wild. Thanks to Jessica Peckham, WGF warden from Riverton, for meeting me in Thermopolis.

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