Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fore ! ! ! !

Her name is NANCY LOPEZ as that's the name of a famous female golfer from many years ago. This beautiful, well fed adult female great horned owl was found just off the 15th green at the Powell Golf Club. At first I thought she had a broken wing but xrays show that's not the case. Perhaps it is a dislocated shoulder or possibly a fractured coracoid bone. Dr. Blessing will look at the xrays tomorrow.

The unfortunate thing is that this time of year there are already baby GHOs in the nest. If she only has one and it's old enough to rip and tear food on its own then the male can provide for it. His job is only to bring food to the nest, not pull off small pieces and hand them to the chicks. If more than one, it may require bringing them to IBR and letting their mum take care of them here.

In the meantime NANCY is in a small cage sitting beside a rabbit carcass. She certainly isn't starving at 3.75 pounds, but just in case it's there for her to snack on tonight.

UPDATE: Today, Monday 4/10, NANCY had her dislocated shoulder put back in place. Now we'll have to see if it worked and stays where it belongs after the support bandage comes off.

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