Sunday, October 5, 2014


Yes he is and in good form. This magnificent baby Golden Eagle arrived in July unable to swallow due to a bacterial infection in his throat. By perservering I managed to tube feed him four times a day, every six hours, along with medications and cured his problem. Then it was getting stronger every day, enough for release back to the wild.

That happened today on the Pitchfork Ranch west of Meeteetse. I drove to the Stone House and met Darcy Morris along with the ranch owners Frances and Lenox Baker and their daughter Margaret. We then drove in caravan out to a far pasture overlooking a prairie dog town which is an excellent food source for an eagle.

MUNCHIE took off right away but landed on a hillside to scope out the area. As soon as I started walking in his direction he decided he had to check it out from farther away. He wasn't taking any chances of my catching him again.

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  1. Yeah! Lots of hard work ending in a great success story!