Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Disaster week

In less than a week there have been five birds come in to this facility and only one came out alive. And that was the Rosella, BLAZE. The other four are two baby redtails, six months old, one sharpie, also six months old, and one possibly adult great horned owl.

One baby redtail came from Red Lodge, MT after being found alongside the road. He was unable to move his legs and xrays showed a fractured left wing. The gentleman who found him said he thought a dump truck hit him. I drove up to get this beautiful young bird this morning and as I was standing in my vets office here in town waiting to have him xrayed I received a call about the other baby just outside of town off Diamond Basin Road. He had been electrocuted and his left foot was burned, skin peeling off and about dead. Both of them were euthanized

The sharpie From Lander also suffered a fractured wing right into the elbow joint, again he was euthanized as he would not be capable of being released or placed.

The great horned owl was also hit by a car in Casper and in his case it's the eyes. His right eye is toast, nothing can be done to fix the damage. He goes in to Dr. Barry Welch tomorrow to have his left eye examined but I don't think he can see out of that one either. He's a good eater, snaps the rat off my forceps the minute I touch him with it. But he can't find it on his own.

After driving to Thermopolis, Shoshoni and Red Lodge in four days I'm ready for it to end. My body isn't exhausted but my heart is sad.

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  1. What a devastating week! This is why I could never do what you do, and also part of the reason why I respect rehabers.