Sunday, February 16, 2014

Great progress

SPENCER is now outside in a larger mew. His electrocution wounds are doing well, sort of. The smaller one is completely healed but the larger one is still open. I don't know how long this repair will take, it's been quite a few weeks as it is. He's been in a 6'x 6' mew to keep him quiet and not using the injured wing. He's feeling so well that he's been anxious and not happy in the smaller place.

He is now in a 13'x 20' mew with lots of perch choices. In this photo he's sitting on the window perch, probably enjoying being able to see distances and life going on around him. As to his future release, that may not happen. It all depends on how his damaged wing comes along after all the wounds are healed. And he still has to replace the covering on two of his left talons.

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