Friday, January 24, 2014

It won't happen

I was hoping to release my immature female Sharp-shinned Hawk today as the weather is just beautiful so I gathered her up from the 8'x20' mew she's been living in for the past month. She has been flying all over in there, up and down, circles, etc. so I thought she was strong enough for release.

Imagine my surprise when I brought her in to be weighed before release and discovered she can't fully extend her left wing. That is the one that was broken but apparently the muscles have shortened which only allows limited flight. In the wild these small accipiters eat birds, small and quick flying birds. She would not have the ability to make those lightening twists and turns to be successful so she will now be placed as an educational bird. She should do well at that, she's just under nine ounces and is an awesome eater. Isn't she beautiful!

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