Monday, March 25, 2013


A few mornings ago I noticed some strange tracks near my chicken yard. I had already caught a couple skunks the weeks before but these looked suspiciously like raccoon. I set my large live trap but nothing came to the bait. It had been set for quite a few days when I happened to look at it this morning. Yep, it was not only tripped but as you can see, two varmints were inside.

They must have walked into the trap shoulder to shoulder to capture both at once. I had to get Sara to help me hoist the trap into the back of my truck, they are huge animals. I took them to a very great habitat and released them both. Neither hesitated and made a flying leap out of the back of my truck towards high grass. Not many predators leave my place alive but these two appeared to be a pair so I made an exception because they are far enough away they won't be back. I hope......

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