Friday, December 7, 2012

Golden beauty

Her name is ROXANNE and she's about eight months old. She also had a run-in with a vehicle but unfortunately she came out a bit short. The driver never stopped. Luckily for this beautiful female a good samaritan did and gathered her up. He's brought birds to me before so he called right away. Another 32 mile drive to Meeteetse to pick her up and right to the vet for an xray.

Her right humerus (elbow to shoulder) is fractured mid-shaft so should be repairable with her being able to fly free in a few months. She's in excellent condition, weighs in at 10.5 pounds. She had been on a deer roadkill when the vehicle approached. They just can't get that very large body going fast enough and high enough to clear something traveling at 65mph.

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