Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tough beginning

This exquisite baby Red-tailed Hawk, JIMBO, has had a hard time in the short 4-5 months he's been on this earth. Luckily found by the hands on the McFadden Ranch outside of Greybull, he is suffering from severe starvation. Probably due to the injury to his left eye. As you can see he has his lower eyelid closed over it. Right now he only weighs about a pound and should be twice that.

He'll have to gain needed weight and strength in order to survive the surgery to repair his eye wound but so far he's doing well. I have to skin and cut up his mouse meals and hand feed him but they've stayed down him and so far so good.

The prognosis on his eye is guarded, time will tell me if he'll be able to see well enough for release. After some hunting training of course.

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