Monday, August 8, 2011

I am honored....

As many of you know, I volunteer at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center here in Cody. About 99% of my work is for the graphics department but when I started out 28 years ago I did a lot of things.

Today they asked me to come to their monthly staff meeting as they had a "special recognition" to give me. It turned out to be two awards, one a beautiful coin made in 2008 commemorating the bald eagle. It was for tying for the most miles driven in this years eagle monitoring project.

The second is a certificate giving me the Spirit of the American West Award. It states it's for my "contributions going above and beyond expectations". This was great to receive and I'm thrilled to have it. Thanks everyone at the BBHC for making this a very memorable day.

Note: the coin is on the bottom left side of the certificate. I wish I could have shown both sides.

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  1. Awesome!! Congrats, Susan. I miss you!